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Emotional Tourism

Few random things about Antonina:

Lie no more
She can read my face. 
And probably yours, and also almost everyone around her. Probably life was bringing a variety of obstacles, so she got to know KGB tactics of reading faces.
Like a rockstar
For the last ten years, she was organizing huge festivals, and concerts with worldwide known artists.
And she can make you feel like a rockstar for some gratitude
To know to get the full experience from San Francisco, she went through experience of being homeless
Human design and all that jazz. 
She can tell you more about it.

It was the beginning of September 2020. I am coming back to my home in LA from a temporary one in Sonoma, where I spent a beautiful two-month living side by side with my tribe.

Short overview: I live in a house with two friends of mine: Liza and Anastasia. We call our place Anaxata - heart collective. This time girls were both traveling somewhere and subleased their rooms. 

Antonina. She moved in just for a week since Liza subleased her room for the timeframe of her trip to Europe. 

I hadn't met her before I came back home. So it was a surprise 
We have a few dozen friends in common and all of them from the most upgraded version of my tribe. At this moment, that didn't surprise or fascinate me at all: the thing how small this world. It feels more like I got into the flow of social interaction, where I stick to those energies who I click with the most.