Custom Lifestyle Photography

Capturing Your Unique Story
Welcome! I specialize in capturing the beauty and essence of your love story by diving into human nature and connecting with you on a deep level. My intuitive approach to photography allows me to create stunning and authentic photos that reflect your unique personalities and love story.

What to Expect
Our custom lifestyle photography sessions are designed to provide a relaxed, enjoyable experience that captures your unique story.

Here's what you can expect during your personalized photo session
Pre-session consultation to discuss your vision and preferences
We'll discuss your vision, preferences, and goals for the session. This helps us understand your style and the story you want to tell, ensuring we create images that genuinely reflect your personality.
Location & Wardrobe Guidance
We'll work with you to select the perfect location that aligns with your vision and offers a meaningful backdrop for your photos. Additionally, we'll provide expert advice on wardrobe and styling to enhance your images and create a cohesive look.
Relaxed Atmosphere
During the photo session, our goal is to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment that allows you to feel at ease. We'll guide you through natural poses and interactions, capturing candid moments that showcase your true self.
Professional Editing
After the session, we'll carefully select and professionally edit the best images to ensure consistency and high-quality results. This includes color correction, exposure adjustments, and subtle retouching to bring out the best in your photos.
Private Online Gallery
Once your images are ready, we'll provide you with a private online gallery where you can view, download, and share your photos. This gallery also offers a convenient way to order prints or other photo products if desired.
Who is it for?
Custom Lifestyle Photography Ideas
  • Creatives
    Artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives can benefit from a custom lifestyle photography session that captures their unique style and creative process.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Business owners, startup founders, and entrepreneurs can elevate their professional image with a personalized photography session that showcases their brand, values, and personality.
  • Bloggers & Influencers
    Bloggers and social media influencers can benefit from a custom photography session that produces stunning, shareable images that align with their personal brand and style.
  • Models & Actors
    Aspiring models and actors can build their portfolio and showcase their personality with a custom lifestyle photography session that highlights their unique look and personality.
  • Travelers
    Travel enthusiasts can capture their adventures and share their stories with a custom photography session that highlights their favorite destinations and experiences.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts:
    Health and fitness enthusiasts can capture their dedication and progress with a personalized photography session that highlights their active lifestyle and passions.
  • Newlyweds
    Couples can commemorate their love and commitment with a custom lifestyle photography session that captures their unique story and style.
  • Parents & Families
    Parents and families can create timeless memories with a custom lifestyle photography session that captures the love, connection, and personality of their loved ones.
  • Individuals Seeking Self-Discovery
    Anyone who is seeking self-discovery and wants to celebrate their unique personality and journey can benefit from a personalized photography session that captures their essence and spirit.
What People Say
  • Laticia
    Xenia is a true artist. She captures love in its purest form. Her beautiful eye makes you feel warm and comfortable. She is a gift behind the Lense. I can't recommend her enough.
  • Amanda
    This is my second time shooting with Xenia and I absolutely LOVE her work! She does such a fantastic job at relaxing me in front of the camera, especially since I'm typically somebody who can be a bit awkward on screen. Xenia has a way to capture my energy and personality while also helping me to bring out my feminine side.
    Xenia also has a great eye for lighting and has no problem taking risks and stepping outside "the norm" to try something different and artistic all the while keeping you in the loop of her idea and incorporating your own - a true artist and a gem or a person! Can't recommend her enough
  • Yasmina
    Xenia is who I call an eye poet !
    She is a talented artist who knows how to move with her intuition and grace! She has an ability to make the subject feel extremely relaxed and at ease to bring out the best within. I have had the pleasure to work with Xenia many times over the last 4 years and it only gets better.
Choose Your Collection
All Packages Include:
Location of your choice
Private online gallery
Pre-session consultation for planning and styling
  • 90-minute custom lifestyle photography session
  • 20 professionally edited high-resolution images
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  • 3-hour custom lifestyle photography session
  • 50 professionally edited high-resolution images
  • Makeup artist and hairstylist included
  • Wardrobe styling assistance
  • $200 print credit towards prints or photo product
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About Me
I'm a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience in capturing lifestyle and love stories. My passion for photography stems from my love of storytelling and my desire to create something beautiful and meaningful.
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