Holy Wild
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Today I remember who I am.

A powerful creator.

I decide who and what I will become.

I will no longer dim my light— to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved.


Today I remember who I am.

strong. kind. determined. able.

Knowing I am worthy. Holy. Wild.

A gift to this Earth, to my community & those who collaborate with me.

Today I flirt with divine creation.

I ask for what I want with honey on my tongue.

I invoke my radiance— my life force— in service to my dreams.

I shine my light and it magnetizes what is already mine,

What is already given, what I'm ready to receive.

Today I remember who I am. My magic. My brilliance.

I am the fertile Earth on which flowers bloom & dreams grow.

mmm, yes.

Today I remember who I am.